DNA Analyst CV Template

A DNA analyst is a medical professional that is well-educated in the field of forensic science.  He/she performs only one task, that of analyzing DNA for purposes of personal identification and determination of genetic anomalies or disorders.

Sample DNA Analyst CV Template

Janet Simmons

Stalmine Road, Liverpool,

Merseyside, L9 5AY

Phone:  123-776-4567




I am seeking employment as a DNA analyst and utilize my skills in meaningful activities.  I hope to contribute to research and the resolution of medical issues requiring DNA analysis.


Summary of Qualification

  • Two years of professional experience as a speech therapist.
  • Skilled in the use of interpretation techniques such as mass spectroscopy and HPLC techniques.
  • Adept in the use of laboratory equipment and methods necessary for DNA analysis.
  • Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written.

Career Experience/Job History


2008 – Present:  DNA Analyst, Merseyside Hospital

  • Collect specimens such as nails, saliva, hair and blood from patients and places that need to be investigated.
  • Use DNA analysis to correctly identify casualties in accidents, calamities, and hospital deaths.
  • Conduct DNA analysis for purposes of legal cases regarding issues of relationship and blood relations and testify the results if necessary.
  • Make accurate records of DNA analysis results and ensure that these documents are guarded.
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of certain information and results depending on the case.
  • Talk to family members and source of DNA regarding the result of the tests and explain the meaning of the results.
  • Give discussions and lectures on the topic of DNA analysis when invited by universities and legal courts.


2004 – 2008:  Master of Science in Forensic Science, Liverpool University

2000 – 2004:  Bachelor of Science in Biology, Liverpool University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.



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