Door to Door Salesperson CV

A Door to Door Salesman literally goes from door to door selling either one or a whole range of products. The job requires immense patience, dedication and a very high level of salesmanship. Candidates are required to be independent in their thinking and approach. They are expected to make sales based on their own judgments.

A Door to Door Salesman is often part of a larger Sales Team, working under the Sales Team Manager and the Sales  Director.

Sample Door to Door Salesperson CV Format

Gregor Samsa

Up Street, 44th Lane



Mobile No: +343 34 6665 4

Telephone No: +345 564342

Career Objective: To earn my living as a Salesman using my unmatched skill as a people’s person and my efficiency as a salesperson.

Professional Experience:

Stoker Windows, 2007-present: currently employed as a Door to Door Salesman hired to sell windows to interested parties. It is my job to select a neighborhood of choice and then visit every house in the hopes of selling our products. I always end up making the target sales.

Door to Door Salesperson Objectives:

  • To make sales effectively
  • To visit every door in the locality to pitch the product
  • To use good, honest salesmanship to sell the said product


2004-2007: BA in English, Macon College of Languages


I was able to bring a large order to my company through persistently and dedicatedly trying to enter into negotiations with an important customer.


  • Paragliding
  • Camping


“Upon request”