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This download CV template can be used by a person applying for a quality assurance technician job. However, if you want to apply for any other job you can modify the template accordingly. You can use it as a guideline to create your own curriculum vitae. In today’s economy there is high competition for job positions. Recruiters are looking for the best talent and your resume should reflect just that. Enhance your chances of getting a job by listing your best qualities first. Make sure your skills are in accordance with the job you are applying for. These skills should support the reason for being hired or shortlisted.

Download CV Template

Janet K. Beckam

Trentside North, West Bridge NG5

Nottingham 5LS

Mobile Number: 01392 892 242

Telephone Number: 9823 9771 325

Career Objective:

Quality assurance technician with 4 years experience in the food industry. Able to work without supervision and as part of a team. Acquired skills in management, analysis, problem solving and designing. Dedicated to the maintenance of high standards in every corporation.

Educational Background:

2004 – 2006: Masters in Bio Chemistry, University of Chichester

2000 – 2004: Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Bolton

Work Experience:

2006 – Present: Quality Assurance Technician, HAPO Foods Ltd.


  • During factory visits, demonstrated quality assurance policies and measures taken at the company
  • Managed to ascertain quality products are manufactured and released into the market
  • Assigned tasks to a team of 10 people and ensured they are completed on time
  • Initiated the use of computer application to monitor factory and manufacturing procedures
  • Was able to test each product by use of high tech gadgets to assure they are safe
  • Examined equipments used in the company and made sure they met required standards
  • Ensured new equipment purchased was in accordance to quality assurance policy
  • Performed quality audits every 2 months and released a report
  • Met with international quality assurance members and discussed ways to improve standards
  • Conducted lab tests on new products and made sure they met EEC standards
  • Conducted a study on the expiry of canned goods placed on shelves


  • Introduced a new technology that simplified the testing of bacteria in food.
  • Led company to receive ISO certification from national quality assurance office
  • Company sales increased due to a reputation for safe products.