Earth Driller & Non-Oil CV Template

Earth Drillers working in non-oil drilling operations are responsible in handling various types of heavy equipment designed for drilling the earth.  These are your rotary, pneumatic and churn drills designed to test substrate soils, tap sub-surface water and earth, remove core samples in mineral exploration or to facilitate the use of explosives in mining or construction. They also operate horizontal and earth boring contraptions.


Sample Earth Driller,  Non-Oil CV Template

Bernie T. Scot

Hatherleigh, Devon, UK

Phone: 01382-098345


To work as a Earth Driller, Non-Oil for a large mining or construction company

Professional Experience


2003 – Present: Earth Driller, Non-Oil, Salisbury Contractors Corp, Plc, Devon

  • Adjust and regulate rotary speed, pneumatic pressure in accordance with the type of earth drilling equipment being used and the nature of material being drilled.
  • Verify the alignments and depths of drilling positions.
  • Monitor drilling operations and assess conditions through gauges and listening to equipment to determine the need to adjust drilling speeds or use alternative drilling equipment.
  • Operate and control drilling machines and the insertion of casings into holes.
  • Use the suitable drill for the boring operations, using knowledge of soil and rock properties.
  • Drill holes in rock formations for blasting, anchoring, or building foundations.
  • Operate ancillary machines that flush and sweep out earth cuttings and dust from holes.
  • Operate truck-mounted equipment to s extend telescoping derricks and stabilize rigs.


  • Posses normal vision and color perception ability
  • Holder of a valid drivers license
  • Excellent medical and physical fitness.



Awarded by management in 2009 for perfect attendance



2000 – 2003: High School Diploma, West Derby School, Liverpool


Can be provided upon request.



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