Education CV

The most important thing for being in the field of education is the art of explaining. Hence what is expected out of an education CV is a well written and well explained content wherein little is left for doubts.

The first and the foremost element your CV must be your identification. It must include your name, your address and also your contact details including your email and your contact number. Your name should be in a larger font as compared to the other text in your identification section.

The second important element of an education CV is certifications and endorsements. It is advisable to list all your certifications and endorsements if any in a reverse chronological order with latest featuring at the top. Once you have list all your certifications, list down all the endorsements and references that you might have received over the period of your past work experience from your colleagues and seniors.

Now the third and the most important section is the teaching experience. Mention all the relevant work experience that you have and also mention some major achievements that you may have gained during this period. If you have managed to work with some of the best educational societies, highlight those names as it creates a positive impact on the employer.