Electrical Engineer Assistant CV

Assisting an engineer in his projects can be thrilling. It gives one the opportunity to work with and learn from the greatest brains behind many electrical devices used widely all around the world. The job entails more than being an assist but also putting minds together to achieve something awesome.

Electrical Engineer Assistant CV Template

Myles Meddy

020 7347 9089

77 New Road,


London, E3 5HH

mylesmed@youremail. co. uk


To work alongside great minds and together create products that makes history.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Ability to work amicably with others and with a team
  • Knowledgeable with computer and all the things related to it.
  • Ability to work with people from different backgrounds and respect them.
  • Can speak five international languages: Hausa, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and French



University of London Bridge, Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering


University of Hull, Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering & Human Management

Career Experience/ Job History:

Spring 2004

Cyprus Engineering

Assistant Engineer

  • Report to supervisor once a week
  • Attending training sessions every evening
  • Submitting prospective designs to electrical engineers for inspection.
  • Handling paperwork for electrical engineers


Cyprus Engineering

Assistant Engineer

  • Working with engineers on on-going projects on a daily basis
  • Writing reports for assigned tasks to engineer
  • Go on –site to make inspections on ongoing projects and make suggestions and contributions on paper and send to engineer.


Won a first class in both bachelor’s degree and masters

Presented award for being best academic student in the university

Professional references upon request