Electrical Engineer CV Template

Electricals are tricky things. With a few wires and applications one can be using a computer. Even now a phone is more advanced with more functions still with the same wires and new ideas. The Electrical Engineer’s purpose is to come up with new technologically advanced products which will be used by the public

Electrical Engineer CV Template

Clayton Abbey

07736 834 999

36 Mayfield Avenue,

Orpington, BR3 6AH

clayabbey@youremail. co. uk


I have always wanted to be an electrical engineer and contribute to the development of products used by the public

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Strengths in maximizing benefits from a very tight budget, that is, cost effective person to work with.
  • All rounded knowledge about computers : programming, office and other complex applications



University of Manchester City, Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering


University of Mortons University College, Master’s Degree in Advanced Electrical Engineering

Career Experience/ Job History:


Abeltons Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical Engineer

  • Present technical drawings and designs for upcoming projects
  • Finding problems and working on solutions for these problems
  • Prepare schedule for junior colleagues and organize round-table meetings with them
  • Going on-site to observe ongoing projects and the progress of it.


Wesley Haffrons Electricals

Electrical Engineer

  • Designing new devices for inspection by senior engineers
  • Partaking in compulsory project competition which challenges the mind and ones abilities
  • Attend conferences with colleague engineers holding discussions on current trends and happenings on the markets and products on the market.


Won award for best design for a device to be implemented in 2 years

Professional references upon request