Electrical Engineer CV

Electrical Engineers, as the name suggests, provide electrical support to places like buildings, houses and flats. It is their job to plan the installation of wires and boards and look after their maintenance. Electrical Engineers are also involved in the production and assembly of products that rely on electricity to function.

Being a highly completive job, applicants would do well to remember to build a strong CV before applying. Electrical Engineers may also eventually get into Forensic Engineering, using their knowledge to help solve legal cases.

Sample Electrical Engineer CV Template

Eric Electra

Round Street

San Diego



Mobile No: +34 23453 4 4

Telephone No: +3534 34 43

Career Objective: To use my knowledge of electricity and its appliances to help clients and make profits myself.

Professional Experience:

Zed Professionals, 2005-Present: I work as a full-time electrical engineer here. It is my duty to answer calls according to my assigned region to aid in the installation and planning stages of appliances. I am also expected to keep abreast of new developments in the electrical sector.

Electrical Engineer Objectives:

  • To look after the installation and application of house wiring
  • To work on singular electrical appliances to make them more suitable for use
  • To produce devices that use electricity as prime conductors
  • To smooth out potential problems of short-circuitry and electrocution


2002-2006: BSc in Electrical Engineering


I have been awarded the title of employee of the quarter two times.


  • Base Jumping
  • Chemistry


“Upon request”