Electrician Helper CV Template

Electrician helpers work in companies providing electrical support services or may also be employed by large companies or institutions that have their own electricians.  Electrician helpers are primarily responsible for assisting electricians in the conduct of their duties.  Since these are only assistants, they perform duties that require lesser skill and effort but their post is also important for electricians to complete their tasks.  Electrician helpers are the persons handing and holding the tools and materials that are needed by the electrician while doing his job.  In addition, it is the duty of electrician helpers to clean the work area and all equipment used as well as ensure that the tools and equipment are well-maintained.  Another task is using test meters to determine the parts of the wire that have short circuit.

Sample Electrician Helper CV Template

Marlon Ellis

Kensington Square

London, W7 5HN

Phone:  123-4567-8901




Hard-working and reliable professional is seeking a job as an electrician helper where I can maximize my skills and learn on the job.


Summary of Qualification

  • Three years of professional experience as an electrician helper.
  • Skilled in making electrical repairs and familiar with different kinds of electrical systems.
  • Has a keen eye for detail and accuracy.
  • Excellent skill in oral and written communication.
  • Ability to follow instructions and work with minimum supervision.


Career Experience/Job History

2007 – Present:  Electrician Helper

  • Measure and cut wires and other materials based on the need of electrician.
  • Make sure that all tools and equipment are clean and in good condition.
  • Help in installing and repairing electrical systems.



A high school graduate with training in electrical wiring.


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.