Electronic Engineer CV

Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that is related with the study and use of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Electronic Engineer CV template can be helpful for job placement in industries like power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications.

Electronic Engineer CV Template

Alen Cop

20, Oswin Street,

Leeds 03887

United Kingdom

006 – 452 – 9341 – 25

alen@yourmail. com

Objective: To obtain a dynamic and challenging position in the area of electronics, electrical, electromagnetic, telecommunication engineering in an organization to enhance my interpersonal skills and use my knowledge at the best.


  • Experience in handling electrical testing equipment, like multi-meter and oscilloscope, and how to use these skills in problem solving applications.
  • Ability to use the Internet and web services to plan technical research, specify and collect information related to engineering devices and hardware.
  • Expert in the use of basic hand tools, soldering tools and other electronic assembly tools
  • Strong organizational, multi-tasking skills and exCellent interpersonal and communication skills required in an organization


2008 – 2010

Star Electronics, Leeds

Senior Engineer

  • Responsible for creating analog and digital hardware design,
  • Responsible for assembling, wiring, testing new electrical and electronics devices.
  • Created technical documents, and compiled their results & prepared documented reports.


Lehman Electronics, Leeds

Electronic Engineer

  • Responsible for all engineering and administrative management functions as well as P&L for development.
  • Responsible for service, installation, repair and maintenance of electrical devices such as treatment plants, well pumps, and heavy equipments which are used for soldering, molding, heating, and distribution of power.


1999 – 2003

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

University of Leeds, Leeds


Masters of, Engineering, Specialization – Control Systems,

Aberdeen University, Aberdeen


  • Received special recognition to solve the problems and work under pressure.
  • Recognized for best technical designs and implementation plans

Professional reference

Available on request