Electronics Engineering CV

Electronics Engineers produce, develop and research electronic items. These items can range from very simple two way radio systems to extremely complex radar systems and everything in between. They are expected to know about market trends and provide constant updates to their products to make them better, safer and more useful.

A good CV is of the essence when applying for the said job. Electronics Engineers may work in conjunction with Electrical Engineers as well as Computer Hardware Engineers and Computer Software Engineers, depending on the kinds of products they work on.

Sample Electronics Engineering CV Template

Greta Sue

Hair Wave Street

Great Falls



Mobile No: +983 29384

Telephone No: +898239874 93

Career Objective: To use my knowledge of electronics to provide new, interesting and useful products to the public and companies alike.

Professional Experience:

Zoom CCTV Systems, 2007-Present: currently employed as an Electronics Engineering developing CCTV cameras and television sets for maximum efficiency against threats. I am in charge of making the cameras deliver better image quality and frame rate.

Electronics Engineering Objectives:

  • To produce better and more useful items than the ones available
  • To keep abreast with latest trends around the world to gather ideas
  • To provide enhancements to existing products


2002-2006: Bsc in Electronic Engineering


My work was awarded first prize at a recent Electronics Convention in Ohio. I had designed an effective electronic appliance for detecting rotten agricultural products.


  • Deep Sea Swimming
  • Scuba Diving


“Upon request”