Engineering CV

It is important to note that what works best for most of the people in other fields of work may not necessarily work for engineering CVs. This is because of the nature of the work. While in most of the CVs, it is advisable to list your work experience and education including your achievements in reverse chronological order, in case of engineering, since most of the work is project based it is advised that all the important projects be mentioned first. These important projects must include all the details on what the project was, what was your contribution to the project, what skill set did you use to address this project and so on.

Once you have mentioned these projects, move to lesser important things. If you claim a fame for certain projects, make sure you write a line or two backing up your contribution to that project. And be specific while you provide a support for your contribution.

It is always advisable to not be specific on the expected salary. Rather just provide with only a salary range. While you may think that you essentially need certain minimum amount of salary depending on your specialization and expertise, different companies have different forms of rewarding the employees and the offered package might be the best for you.