Sample Engineering CV Template

In an engineering CV template, include jobs that you have worked on. Also show the people you worked with on the jobs. For example surveyors, planners and contractors. Illustrate your people skills since engineering jobs are team projects. Your CV template should also show your budgeting and money handling skills. Your curriculum vitae should detail use of technology in the market and your skills in using the latest equipment in the industry.

Engineering CV Template Example

Career Objective

To obtain a position that will ensure both personal and professional growth. Where I will use my interpersonal and technical skills to be engaged in challenging endeavours and learning opportunities

Educational Qualifications

1994-1998: BSc in Civil Engineering (Hons), University of London

1990-1993: B.A in Archaeology, University of Glasgow

Professional Qualifications

    1. Civil Engineer, Sir Owen Williams and Co.


  • Design of water installation pipes and equipment
  • Supervising engineering processes
  • Managing human resource personnel on site
  • Post analysis evaluation of installed structures on decks and writing recommendations on areas that need improvement.
  • Landfall and river construction
  • Riser assessment and installation
  • Boring of water pipes and on site assessments of suitable conditions
  • Constructions on major highways and roads
  • Testing of water pipes and hydrostatic pressure testing
    1. Project Engineer, Brown and Roots UK


  • Initiation and assessment of project development plans and quality
  • Drawing up budgets for projects amounting up to $500, 000 and carrying out audits after projects are through
  • Writing reports on project developments
  • Review of program developments and progress to ensure objectives and goals are met
  • Conducting assessment of risks
  • Working together with the Quantity Surveyor in initiating claims and contract negotiation with clients
  • Carry out project assessments and measurements and valuations on quarterly basis
  • Use of Lotus123, excel, access, Dataease and BASIC and FORTRAN in programming and assessment of projects
  • Project communication and facilitating with sub contractors.
  • Preparing and making PowerPoint reports to clients and senior management of the company
  • Ensure that personnel follow customer regulations and that customer requirements are made and carry out any revisions on customer request
  • Explain and ensure project team members understand and follow contractual obligations by the customer


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