English CV Template

An English CV template is one that has been written in English. For job seekers, the name of the resume changes depending on the region. Resume is a French word meaning summary. When you are in the US and Canada, which are English speaking, use the term resume. Curriculum vitae is a Latin word meaning course of life. In UK the term CV is used. In Australia or North America both CV and resume are acceptable. 

Example of English CV Template

Jill Watson

Birmingham H76 2GS

Telephone: 37 283 563 2011

Mobile: 37 913 102 015


Career Objective

Gifted translator especially in converting written materials and also spoken ensuring that the translated material is as accurate as possible

Educational Qualifications

1996-1999: Bachelor of Arts in European Languages

Professional Qualifications

2000-2002: Freelance translator


  • Translating various European languages such as Italian, French into English orally and in written form
  • Organizing translating workshops and seminars
  • Good administrative skills
  • Good written and communication skills
  • Good EU knowledge of policies and regulations
  • Drafting and rewriting of materials in different languages
  • Preparation and writing of documents
  • Teaching translation to high school students
    1. Translator for the French Embassy


  • Preparing project reports for the embassy
  • Translating documents to French from other languages or from French to German, English and Romania
  • Carrying out other office administrative duties
  • Supporting the French embassy at regional and national level
  • Giving project reports to the embassy on a yearly basis
  • Carrying out oral translations for various personalities on a one on one level and in workshops
    1. Full time German translator


  • In charge of writing, translating and editing reports and papers
  • Proofreading documents both in English and German
  • Ensuring accuracy of translated documents
  • Carrying out other office administrative work
  • Responsible for editorial publications
  • Running monthly email newsletter
  • Publishing a quarterly magazine for the German embassy
  • Researching and writing of stories
  • Carrying out international assignments including travelling all over Europe
  • Helping in organizing international workshops attended by countries all over the world

Language Skills

English-Advanced level in oral and written

Spanish-Advanced in oral

French –Advanced in written and oral

German-Intermediate in written, good in spoken