English Speech Instructor CV Template

English Speech Instructors are often employed in post secondary academe for students wanting to improve their speaking abilities for commercial, artistic, political or diplomatic reasons.  They can also be found in language schools training foreigners in conversational English.  They can also work as freelance teachers of politicians, stage and film actors and teachers who want to improve their speaking abilities.

English Speech Instructor CV Template

Eva G. Bernstein

Lodge St., Lancaster, England

Phone: 01523-224668



To work as a English Speech Instructor for post secondary school specializing in enhancing speech

Professional Experience


2002 – Present: English Speech Instructor,  Royal Academy of Language, London

  • Design and develop the curriculum of regular course
  • Modify speech courses to accommodate learning needs of special clients or to address their specific learning objectives.
  • Coordinate with political parties or groups, corporate training departments and schools in designing 3rd party speech courses for their participants.
  • Design and conduct initial diagnostic classes to evaluate speech problems to customize speech training regimen.
  • Conduct extemporaneous speaking exercises
  • Conduct speech labs for participants to hear themselves during or after making a conversational or formal speech.
  • Create before and after speaking profiles for students to asses their progress.



  • Proven experience in the mastery of the English language in conversational and declamatory speech.
  • Above average social, interpersonal and people management skills.



Cited by management in improve the speaking fluency of foreign students based on letters of compliment received between 2007 and 1010



2002 – 2004: Masters in English, Oxford University

1999 – 2002: BA English, Oxford University


Can be provided upon request