Entry Level Design CV

Entry level designers are usually needed to enhance the function of aerospace industry. More companies plan to hire entry level designer so as to provide excellent customer service by providing strong designs.

Entry level design CVs are the best when one is applying for jobs in corporate world for assistant manager, deputy manager, human resource manager, finance manager and accountants.

SAMPLE Entry Level Design



Marcos Martins

Nizam Palace 240-92,

Shakespeare Street,



Mobile No.: +15007373798

Telephone Number: +108473465289

Career Objective:

To be a resourceful entry level designer who has CAD abilities along with well-built design background. Apply my skills and knowledge so as to solve challenging problems and help in professional growth of the company.

Professional Experience:

Micro Air Vehicle, England, 2003-2009: Developed the airframe notion for the company. Worked as FEA operator and draftsman to serve millions of customers’ around the world.

Entry Level design Objectives:

  • To design and modify the syllabus of preliminary design.
  • To help the organization in cost reduction by providing best services to clients.
  • To perform element analysis and test successfully.


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science from University of England.

2003: Completed CAD course from CMC centre, Wales.


Participated in the United Kingdom’s best entry level designer competition and ranked first in it. Have Created new brands and awarded as the best employee of the company.


  • Coin collecting
  • Listening to music.


Upon request”.