Environmental CV

An environmental CV is a document which highlights the educational or academic background as well as prior work experience of a candidate looking for a job which is related to the field of environment. It may also be the CV of a research scholar desiring to submit a proposal on the subject, or requiring funds for the same. Whatever the nature of the situation, the environment CV must be precise, to the point yet comprehensive. Some important considerations to bear in mind while framing an environment CV are as follows:

  • The environmental CV must highlight those skills of the candidate which pertain to this field. Since it is a field that is much in vogue in today’s day and age, care must be taken to show that the candidate is familiar with the international and national debates on the environment that are prevalent.
  • This CV must also show that the candidate has the necessary academic qualifications in order to secure a job in the field of environment. Often the candidate has to prove his adequacy in field trips and the like as well.
  • The environment CV must show the candidate’s passion for this cause. It must contain a statement of purpose by the candidate which will enable his selectors to judge of his interests and dedication for themselves.