Environmental Director CV

Heading a number of departments especially the human resource department, this job is very important and highly ranked. It involves interaction with government officials, making new policies and ensures compliance with all regulations. It is important that the one who holds this position must definitely have a good public image

Environmental Director CV Template

Cecelia Johnson

0121 377 4328

301 High Street,

Erdington, B87 3SA

c. johnson@youremail. co. uk


I want to join your company and together make important decisions to propel the company forward.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Led many youth groups, hence I have good publicity stats.
  • My leadership skills are very more than exCellent



Oxford University, Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science


Cambridge University, Master’s Degree in Business Management

Summer 2000

Angelia Ruskin University, Course in Environmental Engineering

Summer 2003

St. Bishop’s University, Course in Lab. Technology

Career Experience/ Job History:


Mylorc Engineering Services

Environmental Engineer

  • Went to the field regularly to identify sources of pollution and how to control it without seriously harming the environment and the human population.
  • Necessary to employ computer skills in finding technical solutions to the problems.
  • Designing systems such as the chemical reaction chain to perform a controlled experiment.


Sherquien Environmental Company

Environmental Analyst

  • Using mathematical, statistical and physics knowledge plan out new designs to improve environment.
  • Gathering raw data from samples from a polluted environment perform experiments on data collection and present graphical data and analytical processes from them.


  • Discovered a well-known problem and provided a unique solution which is being implemented currently in most companies.
  • Researched environments all over the world from Europe to Africa to Asia to Middle East and to Australia.

Professional references upon request.