Environmental Engineer CV Template

This job entails researching the effects of human activities and other kinds of activities on our environment. This job is important in the sense that it doesn’t only involve studying the environment but also finding ways to improve the situation. In this ever-changing environment, solutions are continually reassessed and revaluated.

Environmental Engineer CV Template

Madison Junior

55 Beauchamp Place,


London, SW3 1NY

01253 722 187

madjunior@youremail. co. uk


To make the world a better place to live in. Popular statement but I consider the environment as a baby that needs to be nurtured and not neglected. With this as my inspiration I seek this position to realize my dreams.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Ability to withstand any environmental conditions no matter how bad the present circumstances; simply I can work in any unfavorable environment.
  • Ability to work with a team of people who bring up ideas and fusing them together to result in solutions.
  • Solution oriented person, unable to stand problems left un-tackled and left to worsen.



University of Wimbledon, Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences


University of Essex, Master’s Degree in Environmental Science

Career Experience/ Job History:


Surrey’s Research Institute


  • Conducted surveys on the environmental problems of the area and wrote a detailed report on it.
  • Submitted reports to supervisor on a weekly basis
  • Attend training sessions on weekends
  • Assist supervisor on whatever paperwork has to be done
  • Regularly took field trips to observe environment


Eagles Engineering

Environmental Engineer

  • Providing marketing strategies to support projects produced by staff members
  • Act as representative for company on speeches concerning environmental hazards
  • Providing consultancy on the ‘to do’s and ‘not to do’s concerning the environment to clients



Professional references upon request