Environmental Engineer CV

Environmental Engineers perform a wide variety of jobs for an equally wide variety of clients. They perform work for whoever is looking to make their plants, factories and sites more environmentally friendly. They do the work by installing less polluting machines and having the company adopt greener options for waste disposal and fuel burning.

With the Environment sector seeing a sudden boom, this post can be very lucrative for the qualified. Environment Engineers may also function as Water Engineers, Consultant Engineers and Civil Engineers.

Sample Environmental Engineer CV Template

Ewan Jones

Wind Mill Lane

Long Beach



Mobile No: +549 38382 9

Telephone No: +84 9833 9384

Career Objective: To help the environment through my work as an Environmental Engineer.

Professional Experience:

Green Way Consultants, 2006-Present: working as an Environmental Engineer attending to all companies that wish to go the green way. It is my duty to suggest new ways for them to adapt (which I also develop, by the way). I have worked with many clients and all have emerged satisfied from the experience.

Environmental Engineer Objectives:

  • To develop environmentally friendly appliances
  • To help alter harmful practices by substituting equally efficient, but less detrimental methods
  • To improve existing products to make them more environmentally friendly
  • To work with companies to reach the best possible solutions


2002-2006: Bsc in Environmental Engineering, University of Manchester


I was given a special award for my contributions for the prestigious company “Lake Miners”.


  • Pet handling
  • Fishing


“Upon request”