Environmental Engineer Manager Assistant CV

Being an assistant isn’t as easy as it seems especially when you are backing the position of a manager. The assistant basically runs the affairs of the manager and ensures that the job at hand is performed exceptionally because the mistakes of an assistant become the mistakes of a manager.

Environmental Engineer Manager Assistant CV Template

Charlotte Bronx

01273 626 666

171 Islingword Road,

Brighton, BN2 9SH

bronxchar@youremail. co. uk


I aspire to take up the position of an Environmental Engineer Manager but I love to know how something runs before taking it up.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Willing to work for long hours
  • Highly skilled at running multiple tasks simultaneously



University of Brighton, Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering


University of Watford, Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering

Career Experience/ Job History:


Evergreen Environmental Services

Environmental Engineer Manager’s Assistant

  • Acting as the personal assistant to environmental engineer
  • Booking appointments for environmental engineer
  • Honoring invitations that environmental engineer cannot attend or appoints me to represent him
  • Running the schedule of the environmental engineer


Zerdengo Environmental Group

Environmental Engineer Manager’s Assistant

  • Evaluate reports submitted by engineers with manager
  • Perform daily inspections on behalf of manager and write reports to him
  • Suggesting solutions to impending problems faced by engineers and environment to manager for resolution.
  • Hold meetings with staff members on behalf of manager


  • Awarded the most supportive employee

Professional references upon request