Environmental Engineer Manager CV

Managing an environment is key to maintaining it prevent its destruction. Our environment needs to be cherished. Therefore heading a team of engineers to work towards this maintenance has been a dream for too long. Only this time, it may be materialized depending on how much my data impresses you.

Environmental Engineer Manager CV Template

Evans Murrey

22 Derbe Road,

Lancashire, FY6 8NJ

01727 293 274

evmurrey@youremail. co. uk


To lead a specialized team who will challenge my mental abilities to analyze situations and theirs as well to present solutions to the problems we face in our environment.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Motivational speaker
  • Leadership trait
  • Conduct researches with ease



University of Herfordshire, Bachelor’s Degree in Research Studies


University of Essex, Master’s Degree in Environmental Management

Career Experience/ Job History:


Milkeston Environmental Services

Environmental Engineer

  • Developing cost estimation for projects and made recommendations on reducing the costs of the project
  • Submitted reports on progress of projects implemented and future predicted outcomes
  • Honoring invitations to programs organized and answering environment related questions.


Smikets Environmental Group

Environmental Engineer Manager

  • Receive reports from engineers on a weekly basis.
  • Inspect the ongoing projects by team of engineers
  • Holding meetings with engineers discussing problems faced during research and project implementation and providing solutions to these problems


  • Held on to the best student award throughout my three years at the university
  • Implemented a programme which has a 90 per cent probability of solving the smoke emittance by industrial companies and their negative effects on the environment.
  • Led a team of researchers in a competition and snatched the first prize award on two occasions.

Professional references upon request