Farm Labor Contractor CV Template

Farm Labor contractors primarily are experienced in farming industry and have a great knowledge of agriculture labor relation and concerns. They are in charge of looking for opportunities to contracting farm workers for farm clients. They oversee the formation and ratification of contractual agreement. They ensure that best practices in farm labor contracting are properly observed such as observance of state requirements for housing and safety, wage and hour rules, transportations, other benefits such as unemployment and accident insurance.

Sample Farm Labor Contractor CV Template

Dame Greenaway

Vineyard Street, Liverpool

Merseyside, L15 2PU

Phone:  234-776-6034


Farm labor contractor who have extensive knowledge of farming industry and labor relations is seeking for employment for a respectable company.

Summary of Qualification

  • Four years of work experience as a farm labor contractor
  • High degree of knowledge in employing foremen to directly deal with workers in recruitment, hiring, assigning tasks and enforcement of work rules.
  • Wide experience in transporting workers to appropriate work sites
  • Strong knowledge in recruitment, hiring and payment of agricultural workers
  • Adept in furnishing proper tools for agricultural workers use
  • Great management skills in providing proper sustenance such as food, drinking water, housing and sanitation facilities to contracted workers.

Career Experience/Job History

2006 – Present:  Farm Labor Contractor, Briggs Agriculture Contractors Inc.

  • Coordinated with executives in the proper deployment of agricultural workers to different work areas
  • Handled daily direct transport of workers to work sites
  • Recruited top of the line foremen that deals directly in recruitment, instructing and assigning tasks to agricultural worker
  • Supervised the overall work of contracted workers


2001 – 2005:  Bachelor of Science in Biology Agriculture, Liverpool University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.