Farm Manager CV Template

Farm managers perform handle and oversee different kinds of farms.  They create and implement farming plans and determine the number and kind of crops to plant, as well as the farming methods to implement.  Farm managers supervise farm workers and are responsible for ensuring high production of crops and animals.


Sample Farm Manager CV Template

Janet Freeman

Midhurst Avenue, Muswell Hill

London, N14 3EP

Phone:  567-776-5555



I am a trained and enthusiastic individual with exceptional knowledge of farming who is looking for employment as a farm manager.


Summary of Qualification

  • Possess five years working as a farm manager.
  • Strong understanding of the processes of crop production from land preparation, planting, fertilizing, harvesting, and post production.
  • Highly knowledgeable of effective farm practices as well as the most effective kinds of plant material, fertilizers, and pesticides.
  • Sound knowledge of safety precautions and procedures to combat the occupational hazards.
  • Sound knowledge of plant pests and diseases and methods of control.


Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Farm Manager, Fresh Produce Company

  • Create a yearly plan of crops to plant as well as the expected output and target market.
  • Ensure the purchase of planting materials and other farm inputs before the start of each planting season.
  • Ensure that all equipment and farm implements are in good condition.
  • Manage the farm workers and ensure the proper timing and implementation of the farm plan.
  • Take charge and supervise the planting of crops until harvesting and marketing of the products.
  • Observe the outcome of each planting season and make a report and analysis of the outcome.
  • Make recommendations on the kind of crops to plant as well as farm upgrades that are needed to improve crop production.


2004:  High School Diploma

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.