Fashion Retail CV

Fashion Retail jobs are quite varied. One can go into administration, merchandising, customer services and so on and so forth. The idea is simply that the concerned person works towards selling garments and latest fashion, but has no say in the making of it. Candidates are expected to be well-informed about all kinds of garments and latest trends.

A Fashion Retail person may start from being a Customer Care Assistant and then move on to the Sales Department or become a Fashion Retail Manager.

Sample Fashion Retail CV Template

Carrie Jones

Fifth Street, 23rd Lane



Mobile No: +54 342 35434 5

Telephone No: +56 453 6456

Career Objective: To use my expertise, will and dedication to excel in the fashion industry.

Professional Experience:

Bing Stores (chain of garment stores for children), 2008-Present: working as a Fashion Retail Assistant, spending countless hours every day helping customers chose what is best for their children.

Fashion Retail Objectives:

  • To look after restocking and shelving of items
  • To inform customers of new trends and suitable designs
  • To look after the store to ensure that all runs well
  • To meet a certain number of sales every week
  • To look after the customers’ needs
  • To find correct sizes and fits for customers


2005-2008: Bachelors of Business Administration in Fashion Industry, Phoenix University


I was featured in the monthly newsletter of Bing Stores as an exemplary employee of the Fashion Retail industry.


  • Plumbing
  • Doll Making


“Upon request”