Fast Food Cashier CV

Aside from preparing sandwiches and burgers, working in a fast food restaurant entails a lot of other essential tasks. The cashier for instance has a lot of duties to perform including the following:

  • Welcoming the customers
  • Accepting customer’s orders and their corresponding payments
  • Serving their customer’s take out packages when the need arises.
  • Other errands related to her job description

Fast Food Cashier CV Template

David Johnson

Blue Lagoon Street

Dublin 03899


Mobile No.: +353 582 7650 926

Telephone No.: +353 1 573 4094

+44 453 965 204



To show the best services that I can offer by working as a cashier in a reputable and popular fast food restaurant anticipating an exCellent career development in the future.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Extensive and superb work experience as a cashier of popular fast food restaurants
  • Fully familiar with the vas work that a food cashier needs to perform
  • Ample experience of some common problems at cash counters and a great sense of patience to deal the situation appropriately.
  • Ability to identify fake currency and other fraudulent transactions effortlessly
  • Should be a glib conversationalist and has the ability to deal with all types of customers from different walks of life
  • Computer and internet literate


2003- 2004

Master in Business Management, –Bangor University



Bachelor in Business Management, University of London


Career Experience/Job History


Peter’s restaurant

  • Fast food cashier

2004 – 2009

Toper agency pvt ltd.

  • Fast Food cashier.


  • Rewarded for the best performance during diploma.
  • Awarded for bringing upon new ideas.


Professional references upon request