Film and TV Camera Operator CV Template

TV broadcast and movies use special industrial-grade cameras that require professionally trained Film and TV Camera Operators in either disciplines. They are known in the industry as cinematographers for film using conventional 35mm and 70mm cameras while videographers in the television broadcast industry use Betacam recorders. The recent digital developments have spawned 4k high definition cameras which are gradually replacing these orthodox cameras.


Sample Film and TV Camera Operator CV Template

Stanley O. Mallory

Lord St., Liverpool

Phone:  0151-132-2243


To be senior Film and TV Camera Operator in a large stage or film production company

Career Experience/Job History

2003 – Present: Film and TV Camera Operator, Shepperton Studios

  • Operate assigned cameras under supervision by the lead cinematographer and ensure they are in top operating conditions.
  • Collaborate with movie or TV directors to determine shooting parameters such as camera and lighting angles, close ups, pan shots and other several shooting styles specified for a take.
  • Conduct routine cleaning and maintenance on assigned cameras
  • Upload digital shots to the PC video editing programs for processing as required.
  • Research and be well-informed on emerging video technologies.



  • Excellent visual artistic skills, a good set of eyes and hand-eye organization
  • Outstanding dexterity in the proper use of cameras and knowledge in lighting methods in photography and lens management.
  • Excellent interpersonal and people management skills
  • Excellent computer literacy to use PC


2002– 2004:  Associate in Film Photography, Anderson Trade College, Birmingham

2004 -2005: Apprenticeship under the lead camera operator for Hammer Films


Samples of videographic work available on request during interview


Can be provided upon request