Film Production Coordinator CV Template

Film production coordinators work in film sets.  They supervise production assistants and ensure that all the staff and different groups involved in making a film are performing their tasks.  Thus, they are important in maintaining the smooth flow of film shoots and making sure that everything is in order.  Film production coordinators work under the direction of production managers and perform numerous tasks.

Sample Film Production Coordinator CV

James West

Harper Road, East Ham

London, E6 5QA

Phone:  677-776-6134



Resourceful and committed professional with excellent skills in organizing and managing teams is searching for a job as a production coordinator in a television network.


Summary of Qualification

  • Five years working as a production coordinator.
  • Exceptional organizational and administrative skills.
  • Highly capable of performing multiple tasks with excellent results.
  • Excellent leadership skills and can handle various kinds of individuals.
  • Excellent grasp of the English language for written and verbal communication.
  • Hard-working and willing to work long hours.
  • Experienced in conducting film shoots in different situations.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.


Career Experience/Job History

2005:  Film Production Coordinator, Inspire Films

  • Provide assistance to production manager in planning and preparing for film shoots.
  • Responsible for maintaining documents such as asset lists and ensure that these contain the necessary information.
  • Help in directing film shoots and ensuring that everything is in place during film shoots.
  • Coordinate the various staff during film shoots to make sure that the set, actors, props, and other important aspects are ready.


2000 – 2004:  Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, London University


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.