Financial Engineering CV

Financial Engineering comprises of using the theory of finances in conjunction with other fields like software programming and strict mathematics to produce a viable end-product. These products work to make financial decisions simpler and easier to make, making all necessary computations themselves. It is effectively an analysis based end-product oriented field.

Financial Engineers work closely with the company Managers and Directors to understand the needs of the company. Candidates are expected to have strong CVs and be qualified accordingly (Bachelors Degree at the very least).

Sample Financial Engineering CV Template

Andy MacDowell

How Street


New York

Mobile No: +987 988657

Telephone No: +786 8763

Career Objective: To use my unique skills to make financial decision making simpler for companies and customers.

Professional Experience:

Rocket Finance Systems, 2006-Present: currently employed as a Financial Engineering developing systems and products for tax computations and calculations. It is my job to make the company’s workings more cost efficient while wielding the same or better results.

Financial Engineering Objectives:

  • To use different fields to arrive at simplified figures
  • To help individuals and companies make the correct financial decisions
  • To analyze the entire working system of the employing company
  • To use all tools available to make the right decisions


2002-2006: Bsc in Financial Engineering, New York University


I was given special mention at the latest annual “Financial Engineering” Conference in Denver for my latest work that makes computations of large investments simple.


  • Computer programming
  • Web Designing


“Upon request”