Financial Investigator CV Template

When companies want to checkout a company or person with whom they will be transacting significant business, like a merger, an acquisition or getting a consultant or CEO, they rely on the services of Financial Investigators to gather and compile financial information about these entities for risk management people to do their jobs.  They support corporate acquisition efforts, credit investigation, vendor accreditation, and manpower recruitment with the sole objective of mitigating the financial risk the company faces in any of its 3rd party dealings.  Financial investigators often work with risk management office under finance, security management or HR.


Sample Financial Investigator CV Template

Ian James  F. Turnbull

Thames St, Oxford, England

Phone:  01865-466-998


To work with a team of finance investigators for credit, HR or security in a large service or manufacturing company

Professional Experience


2001 – Present:   Assistant Financial Investigator, Bank of America

  • Conduct low profile site investigations under credit investigation
  • Investigate suspicion of embezzlement in job applicants,
  • Coordinate with local authorities to recover damages awarded by a court in theft or fraud cases.
  • Assist corporate clients in due diligence work to determine true value of stocks or corporate assets and provide financial profiles of organizations related to prospective acquisitions or mergers.
  • Maintain records of investigation profiles with the utmost confidentiality, data integrity, and security


  • 9 years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant
  • Excellent computer skills and knowledge in SAP/Financials
  • Extensive public network of colleagues in the government finance department, banks and lending institutions



Successfully facilitated 8 cases of corporate acquisitions in two years after an exhaustive investigation of true financial conditions of acquired companies


2001: passed the exams to be Certified Public Accountant

1998 – 2001:  BS Accounting, Magdelen College, Oxford University


To be furnished upon request