Fire Sprinkler Fitter CV Template

Laying out the office ceiling with the water piping system already terminated at strategic areas is often completed by Fire Sprinkler Fitters who install the last segment piping systems which they terminate with the right water sprinklers found after the gypsum or cork boards have been installed.  Various commercial and industrial offices as well as garden lawns with underground water piping systems in homes and parks benefit from their services.  Fire Sprinkler Fitters handle both low and high pressure pipeline systems for water and other fire retarding chemicals for detection and automatic sprinkler activation.

Sample Fire Sprinkler Fitter CV Template

Percival B. Gentry

Warwick, Coventry, UK

Phone:  039- 3354-9177


To become a lead Fire Sprinkler Fitter in a large construction firm

Professional Experience


2007 – Present: Fire Sprinkler Fitter, Coventry Builders, Inc.

  • Read and understand interior building blueprint specifications to ascertain layout positions for terminating and installing water pipeline networks and sprinkler systems in ceilings
  • Install the brackets, clamps, and hangers to support the sprinkler pipes using the prescribed hand tools.
  • Stress test sprinkler system by false activation and check for leaks using liquid or air pressure equipment
  • Inspect and repair problematic pipeline fixtures, sections, and controls as well as  heat detectors, hydrant, pump, and sprinkler head connections
  • Accomplish work orders to extent of work and parts replaced for proper billing,


  • 6 years of experience as a Fire Sprinkler Fitter a building contractor.
  • Excellent command of piping and fire prevention technologies as well as handling of fire retarding chemicals



Awarded Most Productive Employee by the company from 2007 to the present


2004 – 2007: Diploma in Water System Technology, Westwood Technology College, Coventry


To be furnished upon request