First CV Template

When writing your first CV, remember to use verbs. For example achieved, coordinated, and organized among others. Format your CV well so that it looks neat and use the right CV template. Remember to run a spell check. You might need to redraft your curriculum vitae a couple of times before you finally get it right. You should give your resume to a couple of people to cross check it first before you start sending it out.

Example of First CV Template

Maria King

Madingley Road

Cambridge DE3 2TY

Telephone 629 518 8901

Mobile: 791 337 2018

Educational Qualifications

1996-1998: Masters in Business Administration

1990-1994: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Media Studies

Additional Qualifications

Ongoing Seminars on various dance classes and routines every year since 1992

  • Ball room dancing
  • Salsa
  • Middle Eastern Dancing
  • Tap dancing
  • Turkish dancing
  • Belly dancing
  • Traditional African dancing

Professional Qualifications

    1. Part time dance performer for Hip Hop artists and Ballroom dancers


  • Dancing in different clubs and concerts as a back up dancer for performing artists within London over the weekends and in the evenings
  • Involved in organizing concerts for singing performers
    1. Part time dance instructor for Salsa classes


  • Teaching primary school children how to dance salsa, taught on an individual basis and as a hired instructor for a group
  • Organizing dance concerts and competition for children
  • Judge in various dance competitions in various institutions such as Colleges and High Schools
  • Judge in fashion shows

2000-2005: Dance Journalist


  • Running and maintaining a dance website atwww.dancers.comand updating news regularly about dances in the Middle East
  • Staff writer for Dance Weekly Magazine
  • Columnists for Choreographer Monthly Magazine
  • Writing about latest dance trends in the world
  • Carrying out interviews with dance artists all over Europe
  • Carried out weeklong dance seminars
  • Trained other journalists on how to write Dance features
    1. Choreographer


  • Teaching dancing techniques for Ball room dances
  • Taught tap dancing especially for older couples
  • Training soon to be married couples dance Steps for their wedding day dance
  • Taught dancing in ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ show in the U.S
  • Choreographer for competitors in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ TV show