Food Counter Attendant CV

A Food Counter Attendant is expected to take on a number of duties ranging from taking orders from customers to preparing food and beverages like tea, coffee, sandwiches, baked items and so on. Food Counter Attendants are also expected to have good communication and people handling skills. The job can really be a one-man show, depending on the size of the outlet.

A Food Counter Attendant requires a good CV. They may eventually also become Chefs, Restaurant Managers or owners themselves.

Sample Food Counter Attendant CV Template

Greta Garbo

Swede Street, 23#



Mobile No: +342 5 43 34

Telephone No: +8459873 9

Career Objective: To channel my passion for food and service through working as a Food Counter Attendant.

Professional Experience:

Pizza Supreme, Den Street, Lincoln: 2007-2009: worked as a Food Counter Attendant in a staff of three people. It was responsibility to process orders and prepare food and drinks for customers (actual processing of raw materials was not my responsibility, however).

Food Counter Attendant Objectives:

  • To take and process orders from customers
  • To process foodstuff through heating, grilling and so on
  • To prepare and process beverage items
  • To keep food items clean and wrapped in plastic
  • To serve food items according to the outlet policies
  • To accept payment for services


Associates Degree in Cuisine Hygiene and Preparation, Lincoln Community College


I was featured in a local news magazine for my exemplary service to customers at Pizza Supreme.


  • Baking
  • Listening to Music


“Upon request”