Foreman CV

Foreman inspects work progress in the construction site to ensure safety and assure that criteria have been matched. He monitors the installation of construction equipment and structures given with supervisory guidelines. Also discusses issues as workflow and construction supervisor notes. He contracts workers to initiate construction work with pre-determined specifications.


Sample Foreman CV Format

Smith Roger

D-10, 5rd Street



Mobile No: +43 00994466

Telephone No: +78 223376830

Career Objective: To assure a position within a reputed company where my skills and experience will shine up and get enhanced as well. In addition to an opportunity for future promotion as a foreman can be satisfied

Professional Experience:

Super international: 2004 – 2006 worked as assistant construction inspector

Construction world: 2006 till now, I got promoted and occupied the position of as a construction inspector.

Foreman Objectives:

  • To execute the work duties like scheduling, material tracking and paperwork.
  • To followed governmental limitations when dealing with multi-national clients.
  • To address practical spots and duties required to bear hard work circumstances
  • To examine and monitor work progress, materials and construction site to assure safety and make sure that specifications are matching with real work to issue invoices.
  • To check if materials got loaded or unloaded legally or against work order and policy items
  • Qualifications:

General Alonso High School Graduate

Building Codes & Inspection certified.


I was awarded the employee of the year at construction-world in 2008.


  • swimming


“Upon request”