Forensics Engineering CV

Forensics Engineering is the analysis of failed engineering products. A Forensics Engineer is expected to diagnose the failed product to find out what went wrong, why it went wrong and how it can be prevented in the future. Forensics Engineers are also expected to help sort out legal disputes concerning the said product. They can work for consultancies, corporations or independently.

Forensics Engineering has become an important field of study with products reaching farther and wider than ever before.

Sample Forensics Engineering CV Template

Michael Clayton

Nowhere, Middle


North Dakota

Mobile No: +34857 293874

Telephone No: +398742 3

Career Objective: To help my clients and therefore myself by providing my expertise in the field of Forensic Engineering.

Professional Experience:

Chalk Company: Forensic Engineers, 2006-Present: currently working as a Forensic Engineer, generally working with Civil cases of equipment malfunction. It is my duty to determine the cause of the failure and inform the attorney of the same.

Forensics Engineering Objectives:

  • To determine the cause of equipment failure
  • To answer all queries honestly
  • To provide input for the future use or manufacture of the product in question
  • To help settle legal disputes arising out of malfunctioning products


2002-2006: Bsc in Forensics Engineering, Fargo University


Each solved case in an achievement on its own, but I am proud to have solved one particularly difficult case involving an automatic shaver and a grazed chin. I have been given a lifetime’s worth of supply of the same line of products as a reward for my work.


  • Reading crime novels
  • Housekeeping


“Upon request”