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It is now easier than ever to get free CV templates, regardless of whatever profession you are in. When using free CV templates, ensure that you personalize them to fit your qualifications and the jobs you are applying for. Use free CV templates if you are new in the job industry and are not sure what details to include in your resume. Also use templates if you have been unsuccessfully job hunting for a while.

Example of Free CV Template

Kelly Simpson

Birmingham C65 8WD

Telephone: 527 302 4091

Mobile: 635 239 0128

Career Objective

Focused and result oriented electrician who aims to be an expert in electrical engineering in wiring, installation of equipments and fixtures

Educational Qualifications

2002-2005: Masters in Engineering, Bangor University

    1. BSc Electrical Engineering, Bournemouth University

Professional Qualifications

    1. Electrician, Honeywell


  • Installation and maintenance of electrical equipments
  • Assembling of office appliances
  • Diagnosing electrical malfunction and fixing them
  • Repair of electrical installations
  • Installation and running of electrical circuits
  • Installing electrical boxes for switches
  • Using a variety of tools such as voltmeters, power tools, ammeters and electrical testing tools
  • Budgeting and providing estimates for electrical installations and equipment
  • Doing manual work such as digging trenches in order to install conduits
  • Carrying out layout before doing electrical installations and wiring in buildings or work areas
  • Liaising with management and advising on use of electrical equipments and costs
  • Replacing electrical fixtures


    1. Electrical Engineer, Ittiam Systems



  • Examining electrical equipments and circuits to see loose circuits and repair them
  • Using digital and analogue electrical circuits
  • Cabling and testing of equipment in the control room
  • Maintenance of alarm systems, generators, and transformers
  • Testing of equipments for damages and conducting repairs
  • Ensuring safety of equipment and usability
  • Troubleshooting of problems
  • Carrying electrical equipment by hand, vehicle or any other means to work sites and ensuring their safety and maintenance
  • Drilling holes through walls and other fortifications for wiring purposes
  • Worked on building construction sites together with other contractors to do wiring for buildings
  • Good ability to understand new electrical technology and diagnose electrical faults
  • Delegating work to other employees in a team setting


Available on request