Freelance Writer CV Template

Freelance writers provide excellent content depending on their contract’s specifications. They have the freedom to accept and turn down job offers because they are their own boss. Aside from writing and researching, they also spend time marketing themselves to different organizations and different media to keep job offers coming. The best writers do not necessarily get the job but the most diligent and persevering in this field often becomes successful, happy and contented with their career path.

Sample Freelance Writer CV Template


Susan Viren

123 Penzance Street,

London, W11 4QY

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789


Career Objective

Provide quality content for companies and organizations that need my expertise in creative writing


Educational Background

BA Creative Writing

Roehampton University, 2005

Work Experience

2005-present: Freelance Writer

ABC Magazine

XYZ Daily

EFG Brochures


  • Receive a list of topics needed to be expounded into excellent articles
  • Write articles about different topics over a specified amount of time
  • Research on credible sources for topics that need citations
  • Perform SEO, keywords and tagging to web articles as instructed

2009-present: Freelance Writer


  • Study the website orientation and theme to ensure that the articles submitted will be parallel to the website’s purpose
  • Search the web for information to expand the topic needed to me made into an article
  • Search keywords to improve the SEO of the website
  • Submit complete articles online



  • High typing speed
  • Excellent skills in elaboration and concision
  • Proficient in research and conscious with deadlines


References available upon request