Freight Forwarder CV Template

Freight forwarders are professionals who are primarily responsible for organizing the safe and cost-effective delivery and shipment of goods.  They perform intermediary functions in behalf of importers or exporters.  Freight forwarders consider the kind of goods and the requirements of customers for delivery in organizing the appropriate mode of transportation to utilize in transporting the goods.  They may choose to use shipping lines, airlines, or other means of freight operations to ensure that the goods are safely delivered in a timely manner.  Freight forwarding companies can also have their own shipping services.  Freight forwarders must therefore possess knowledge in different kinds of freight shipping services as well as the rates and requirements of each.

Sample Freight Forwarder CV Template

Jean Toulson

Aberdeen AB24 3FX
Phone:  123-4567-8901



Efficient and reliable individual hoping to become part of a company as a freight forwarder and help in safe transport of goods.


Summary of Qualification

  • With six years of professional experience as a freight forwarder.
  • Familiar with shipping and transportation standards and regulations.
  • Ability to organize and make arrangements speedily.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to interact with customers in a friendly manner.
  • Good social and interpersonal skills.


Career Experience/Job History

2004 – Present:  Freight Forwarder, Prompt Freight Forwarding Co.

  • Plan and organize the best route for shipping particular goods based on their characteristics, perishability, and cost.
  • Ensure suitable packaging of goods to withstand climate and other external conditions.
  • If needed, negotiate with service providers regarding transportation costs.
  • Prepare documents needed to meet requirements of customs.


Possess a high school diploma.


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.