Functional CV

Over the years people have finally realised the importance of drafting a good CV in order to get that dream job. Having said that, it is important to remember that there are different types of CVs that can be used today, depending on your requirement, qualification and experience and one such type is the functional CV. Functional CVs are those CVs which focus on your skills and abilities rather than a chronological listing of your experience. Such type of CV is really useful for those individuals who lack in experience or whose career is marked by huge gaps in between jobs.

Similarly, those who change jobs frequently or have irrelevant work experience can also benefit from this CV style. Additionally, those individuals who have been doing a lot of temporary work or freelance work can actually use this CV to get themselves a good job. Lastly, people who have taken a break in career for various reasons, one of which could be motherhood, can use this type of CV as they need not focus on the exact dates of joining and leaving a job.

The basic format of functional CVs contains the title of a Profile rather than Curriculum Vitae and it goes onto highlight the skills and achievements of the individual, rather than focussing on details of individual jobs held. Functions or responsibilities held are mentioned in bullet form, which are followed by qualifications, both professional and academic. Lastly, functional CVs should include your personal details for further contact and can also include your personal interests or hobbies.