Gaming/Casino Surveillance Officer CV Template

Casinos are high risk high security areas that are often covered by surveillance camera and eavesdropping systems installed clandestinely in strategic places within or under gambling tables, walls and ceilings.  They form part of a high technology security system which is manned throughout its operating hours by trained Gaming/Casino Surveillance Officers who also work as plain clothes security officers.


Sample Gaming/Casino Surveillance Officer CV Template


Gregory B. Stansfield

Thames St, Oxford, England

Phone:  01865-411-436


To work as an Gaming/Casino Surveillance Officer or a large retail or manufacturing company

Professional Experience


2002 – Present: Assistant Procurement Clerk, Oxford Casino, Ltd.

  • Implement safety and protection rules for casino quests, employees and casino property in accordance with policies and laws.
  • Monitor casino operation as well as entrance and exit point, high value locations and critical areas.
  • Monitor patron activities for signs of cheating or theft.
  • Occasionally make the rounds in the casino floor to mingle with the patrons and casino dealers and operators..
  • Coordinate with local police authorities for confirmed sightings of theft.
  • Subdue untruly guests and detain alleged thieves until the law enforcement officials arrive for turnover.


  • Have the patience and an observant eye to spot unusual activity on the monitor screen.
  • Physically fit with quick reflexes.
  • Excellent computer literacy in operating surveillance systems.
  • Adept in using two-way single side band radios
  • Excellent interpersonal skills


Awarded Employee of the Year 2005 for high performance ranking



1998 – 2002: High School Diploma, St. Edmund’s Catholic School, Portsmouth


Can be provided upon request