German CV template

CV or resumes are a reflection of your ability and skills and hence should be crisp and written in precise language. German CVs can be written either in German or English, depending on your proficiency in either language. However, the most important part of this CV is that you should stick to one language. Moreover, German CVs are essentially chronological CVs, where both experience as well as education is listed chronologically, starting at the beginning and ending with the last or latest.

In format, the German CV is similar to the British CV in that it also provides for personal details, education, work experience, language proficiency and personal interests. Personal details should ideally contain your name, address and contact telephone number. While applying to any German employer, it is essential to remember that your CV might be in a file for quite some time and hence it is preferable that you give a permanent number, where you can definitely be reached. Email ids, driving licence number and birth date are also equally important for this CV template.

In the education section, it is important that you include details of all the educational as well as training institutes you attended, including junior, senior, college, university and training courses. While listing your work experience also, it is important that you list all the apprenticeships that you have completed, in order to give holistic information about yourself. It is pertinent to note here that German CV templates should emphasize on work experience as this is an absolute necessity to gain a job with a German employer.

Achievements and skills should be clearly mentioned such that they become your selling points. Further, the language used should be powerful and filled with action oriented words, which add dynamism to your CV template.