Google CV Template

A Google CV for a computer engineer should reflect strong education preferably computer Science. Persons applying for a position with Google the Company should make sure their resume states in detail challenges faced in the work area. Whether you are a new graduate or have some work experience, Google wants to know your skills. Make sure your experience section sells you because this is a section most scrutinized. Below is a sample of curriculum vitae for an engineer seeking a position at Google Company.

Example of Google CV Template

Nate G. Gordon

6thSt. Lower Mall

W3 Hammersmith

London, 8DJ

Mobile Number: 0937 9092 898

Telephone Number: 023 9822 100

Career Objective:

Software engineer with 4 years experience in the field. Seeking employment with a company that calls for dedication, hard work and promotes growth. Looking to use my programming, installing, encrypting and designing skills to meet company goals.

Educational Background:

2001 – 2004: Masters in Computer Science

1997 – 2001: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Work Experience:

2004 – Present, Computer Engineer at West Coast Company


  • Building URL server and scheduling help support
  • Designing and implementing a file distribution system that has been adopted with 2 other international companies
  • In charge on transitioning to a higher bandwith connection
  • Adding URL verification information in the system to protect from hardware and software bugging
  • Hooking a duplicate detection system and debugging performance bottle neck
  • Developing verification engines with strong focus on memory and time performance
  • Building a user level distribution file system with fault tolerance
  • Implementing  image processing functions for detection and de-skewing of scanned images
  • Implementing a streaming video component that has buffering and reduces jittering
  • Building and optimizing mC++ for dynamic object migration


Acquired skill in Apache, SQL server, Latex, Mathematica, Javascript and Python.

Familiar with applications like FreeBSD, Linux, NT4.0 and all Windows versions


  • Created an efficient algorithm that showed a user controlled drive with real time rendering of 4 million polygons
  • Published a paper on graphic interface 02
  • Developed a directed acyclic graph which replace pre existing tree based algorithm model.