Graphics Production Artist CV

Graphics production artists may work in firms that develop graphics to be printed out in magazines, brochures, posters and billboards and also in forms that develop graphics for web use. They must be adept in making designs that will suit the client’s specifications but will also be head turners to become effective in the market the designs are places. These artists must be diligent and assertive to be able to sell their designs to different markets.

Sample Graphics Production Artist CV Template

Culverton Volp

123 De Montfort Street,

Leicester, LE1 7GS

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789


Career Objective

Seeing employment under a company as a graphics production artist and be able to use my skills for career advancement and recognition

Educational Background

BA Graphic Design

De Montfort University, 2003

Work Experience

2006-2008: Graphics Production Artist, Effects Design


  • Edited photos for web use and for print
  • Created graphics and webpage mock layouts for client websites
  • Designed lay-outs for brochures, posters and tarpaulins for major clients
  • Met up with clients for business transactions and for gathering data and specifications for projects

2003-2006: Graphic Designer, Web Designs


  • Was in charge of web graphic designs such as headers, banners, and buttons on webpage design layouts
  • Developed banner advertisements for clients



  • Knowledgeable in different design software but specializes in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks
  • Good eye for color, design and effective web layouts for effective websites



  • Designed an e-newsletter for Grand Website that they launched in 2008
  • Assisted the Head Graphic Artist in presenting web design lay outs for clients


References available upon request