Hair Salon Assistant CV Template

A hair salon assistant is a huge support system for the hair dressers and stylists at a salon. He completes the work of the stylists by cleaning and sanitizing the tools used for all customers, shampooing and drying hair prior to or after the hair styling service, fetching the instruments and other essentials for the dresser and operating machines like steaming machine, hair straightening instruments etc. Thus the work needs some level of skilled knowledge and trained manifestation of duties so that customers are not faced with emotional malaise. The CV should pinpoint those skills and trainings.

Sample Hair Salon Assistant CV Template

Personal Information: [Mention the exact personal details about the applicant]

Name: _____________________

Address: ___________________

Phone: _____________________

Email: _____________________

Current Status of Employment: _______________

Career Goals:

Seeking for a position of hair salon assistant that would provide me with the maximum stimulus for implementing my expertise and skills of ___________ [mention the noteworthy skill that would sync with job position]

Educational Background: [Provide the details of school and college degrees earned by him]

  • Obtained High school degree from ____________________ [Mention school name] on year _____________.
  • Obtained foundation degree in hair-dressing from _________ [name of the institute] on year _____________.
  • _________________________ [Provide additional certifications]

Training Information: [Provide the training details through which practical learning has been obtained]

  • For a duration of _______[month/ years],undertaken a training course on ______________ [name of the course]  from __________[name of the institute/organization]

Special Inclinations: [Indicate the areas where he finds maximum satisfaction that are directly related to hairdressing career viz. creative work, fashion etc]

  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________

Work experiences: [Provide an outline of the previous work experiences]

  • Served as ________[earlier job designation] at _________ [organization’s name] for a period of ________[duration]