Head Chef CV

A Head Chef is one who oversees all cooking in a restaurant, but takes only special assignments himself. Junior Chefs are expected to follow their instructions to the T. It is expected of the Head Chef to keep making rounds to ensure that the quality of food being delivered is up to the mark. Head Chefs also generally set the menu and pick the cooking staff members using their own judgment, depending on the size of the restaurant.

A strong CV is recommended for interested candidates. The following CV may be used by those applying for Head Chef jobs or normal Chef jobs.

Sample Head Chef CV Template

Anthony Gonzales

Fleet Street




Mobile No: +645 4667 43

Telephone No: +345 7554 34

Career Objective: To appease my passion for cooking by working as a Chef in restaurants.

Professional Experience:

The Indian, downtown Lansing, 2004-2006: worked as a junior Chef responsible for preparing food ingredients for processing.

Delicious Restaurants, Detroit, 2006-2008: worked as a Chef, spending countless hours preparing all kinds of dishes from continental to American styled.

Like Buds, Lansing, 2008-Present: currently employed as an Assistant Head Chef, responsible for overseeing other chefs and participating in the selection of new employees for the kitchen.

Head Chef Objectives:

  • To oversee the preparation of all items on the menu
  • To prepare the menu
  • To hire and train personnel
  • To look after the designing of the plates and cutlery
  • To suggest new dishes and improvements
  • To maintain hygiene and safety in the kitchen


2000-2004: BA in Culinary Arts, Michigan University


The entire cooking staff of Delicious Restaurants was given a special feature in the prestigious cookery weekly “Cook Hook”.


  • Nail Designing
  • Collecting Hats


“Upon request”