Healthcare CV Cover Letter Template

Dear Sir:

I am very much interested in the opening of Athlete Manager at the Montreal Sports and Wellness facility in the light of my strong educational background coupled with professional health and fitness experiences. Currently, I am a certified fitness trainer and am completing my degree in Exercise Science at the University of Montreal.

My internship at the city gym helped me to establish the fitness class program and I was closely involved in drawing the currently utilized assessment and prescription exercise system.

My Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Science comprised many features of the subject besides athletic training. I have also conducted courses related to fitness for younger and elderly populations.

I enjoy working in the fitness industry and I feel capable of developing excellent rapport with the people I teach. Besides, I am committed to hard work to see the challenges leading to successful outcomes. Besides, I am an energetic team leader to work well with co-workers and colleagues.

Thank you for providing this opportunity and look forward to working with you..




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