Helicopter Pilot CV

Helicopter Pilots can serve in the military, law enforcement, rescue operations and news agencies. Since choppers are more accessible and easier to navigate for hovering over a scene, helicopter pilots are in demand for a lot of companies and private individuals. They need to obtain a special flying license and must be able to complete a minimum number of hours before getting hired as a commercial helicopter pilot.

Sample Helicopter Pilot CV Template

Gordon Oxley

123 Chapel Street,

Woking, Surrey, GU21 1BY

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789

Email: goxley@email.com

Career Objective

Seeking for a position of a helicopter pilot for me to be able to use my flying experience and know-how

Educational Background

Commercial Pilot License (Helicopters)

Alan Mann Aviation Group, 2006

Work Experience

2006-2009: Museum Curator, City Arts and Sciences Museum


  • Prepare documents and papers for daily flight programs, police reports and log sheets
  • Inspect and monitor police helicopters to maintain compliance with safety and security standards
  • Detect warning devices during routine flights and patrol missions
  • Operate an MD 500 police helicopter
  • Make minor repairs and adjustments to helicopter equipment and facilities



  • In-depth knowledge of visual flight regulations and aircraft regulation
  • Excellent flying and maneuvering skills even under adverse weather conditions
  • Knowledgeable of aerial law enforcement procedures



  • Recognized as Pilot of the Year (2008) by the National Helicopter Association
  • Able to deliver passengers well over a mountain/rocky terrain during a pending weather disturbance


References available upon request