High School Coach CV Template

Coaches must be good motivators and strategic planners. They are responsible for training a team into becoming winners in their sports field. They constantly monitor the stats of each team they handle and streamline their training modules and activities to be able to address weaknesses and highlight strengths. Coaches of winning teams have the edge when it comes to employment but hard work and good team stats and history will still give a good chance of getting hired to coach your dream team.

Sample High School Coach CV Template

Ian Willkinson

123 Wellington Street,

Bedfordshire, LU1 2QH

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789

Email: i_willkinson@email.com

Career Objective

Looking for a position of a high school coach in a sport oriented high school to practice my leadership skills and develop a team of winners in the field

Educational Background

MS Sports Performance

University of Bedfordshire, 2001

BS Sports Science and Personal Training

University of Bedfordshire, 1997

Work Experience

2005-2010: High School Rugby Coach, ABCDE High School


  • Recruited prospect athletes to the rugby team
  • Prepared game plans with reference to counter the opposing teams
  • Monitored and implemented trainings and game plays

2001-2005: Assistant Coach, ABCDE High School


  • Monitored attendance of team members
  • Work hand-in-hand with the coach in preparing game plans and strategies
  • Do other duties as assigned


  • Extensive experience in sports tactics and training programs
  • Proficient in managing and leading a team
  • Good motivator and excellent leader



  • Have trained seven batches of winning teams in rugby
  • Have been coaching for more than 9 years


References available upon request