Hospitality CV

The hospitality industry is nothing less than a several billion dollar industry. There are multiple groups working in any hospitality group/ company that include an Hr department, marketing, management, sales, facility maintenance and the basic service group. However, the most amazing aspect of this industry is the flexibility. Suppose you join a hotel chain but are not completely satisfied by your profile there, you might as well shift to say a catering industry or even opt to start a restaurant on your own. The entire industry offers such a vast array of options that it has a job to suit everyone. Hence when applying for a hospitality job, it is quite easy to customize your CV as per the requirement and the vacancy.

The most important aspect that needs to be highlighted in a hospitality CV is your people skills. People skills are the most important thing that you must possess if you plan to stay on in this industry. The more you interact, more are your chances to get accepted and also be successful. You need to be sure what you want to convey through your CV since depending on the kind of place you are applying, be it a hotel or a hospital or a lounge, your nature of job and hence your objective and the required role might change though your basic skill set remains the same.