Hostess CV

A Hostess is responsible exclusively for dealing with patrons in a restaurant. It is their duty to escort customers to correct tables, hand them the menu, make suggestions and so on. They are also expected to entertain guests and check up on them as often as possible. Complaints are also generally registered with the Host or Hostess.

Host and Hostesses are required to be polite and friendly, naturally. They often work directly under the Restaurant Manager and above the waiters.

Sample Hostess CV Template

Michelle Brooks

Far Cry Country House


Rhode Island

Mobile No: +979 85 7656

Telephone No: +876 8776 999

Career Objective: To serve patrons with my skills and expertise as a Hostess.

Professional Experience:

The Real Continental Restaurant, 2004-2008: started work as a waitress and moved up until I was appointed a Hostess. My job included escorting guests, arranging for special dinners and parties, and processing complaints.

Sweet Bob’s, Providence, 2008-Present: currently employed as a Hostess in a large restaurant setting. The guest list often includes high-profile individuals and families.

Hostess Objectives:

  • To escort guests to proper seats
  • To entertain guests through small talk
  • To make frequent calls to ensure that the guests are enjoying themselves
  • To process any complaints the guests may have
  • To arrange for special seating arrangements and parties
  • To hand out the menu to patrons


Associates degree in Hospitality, Denver University


I was featured in a made-for-TV documentary about restaurant hospitality.


  • Cocktail Mixing
  • Pickle Making


“Upon request”